Blairgowrie Weekend of Dance

Hi I was at the Blairgowrie weekend of Dance last weekend,Friday 26/10/2018 & Saturday 27/10/2018 this was the first one they have held, and the plan is to make this an annual event.

It started off with a Ceilidh on Friday night, it continued at 10 am on Saturday morning with a guided walk around Blairgowrie for who don’t know the town. The afternoon session started at 2pm with and dance class, lead by John Wilkinson RSCDS Edinburgh who created the 3 dances we practices that afternoon, Home & Away, The Ladies of Auchtercrow & Water of Leith. the dances were included in the dance that evening as the Teachers Choice, Jim Lyndsay accompanied the dance class, and his band provided the music for the dance that evening.

It was a  brilliant weekend of dance, and it only cost £15 for the whole event, but if you couldn’t do the whole weekend then you can attend which ever part of the event you wished. The event is to be repeated next year and could a regular  in the events calendar



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